Light Sport Aviation


Instructional Materials

The main text book for PPC training is:

Roy's Powered Parachute Book.

To Prepare for the FAA Written Test:  

ASA Test Prep 2017- Private Pilot

Both books available for loan for refundable $130.00


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Cost For LSA Instruction

Light Sport Airplanes

Lessons - $75/hour for Instructor

(You will need to provide your own Light Sport Airplane for lessons.)

Ground School - On Your Own or $50/hour Classroom Time

Books, Supplies & Test Fees - approx. $1325.00

Biennial Flight Review - $200.00

Annual Inspection - $450.00

Powered Parachutes

1 Hour Discovery Lesson - $100.00

(Cost applied to full package)

Lessons - $70/hour for Instructor

PPC Rental - $80/hour (with fuel and oil)

Ground School - On Your Own or $50/hour Classroom Time

Books & Test Fees - approx. $650.00

Full Package Sport Certificate

in Powered Parachutes


Biennial Flight Review - $150.00

Annual Inspection - $350.00

(I can also help you with the purchase of your first PPC or Light Sport Airplane, build a PPC for you, or assist you in building your own.  Ask about pricing.)

Full Sport Pilot Flight Package (PPC) - $2,900.00

(PPC rental, instruction, books, insurance, and first knowledge test and first practical test included)

SkyStriders is an Authorized Six Chuter PPC Dealer.

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