Light Sport Aviation


A Christmas present

for that  individual who has it all. 

Contact Bill Nelson
(509) 781-1308
for an appointment.
$100.00 for a 30-45 Minute ride from the Prosser Airport in Prosser, WA

Skystriders Light Sport Aviation LLC

Why fly? 

To escape from a two dimensional life. To experience a different world where distances shrink and you start thinking of the earth from above.  Your senses are tuned to a new way of thinking, no longer limited by your cares and concerns on the ground.  As an LSA Pilot you escape to an amazing world, if just for a short time.  And there you can explore new places, rediscovering the world in a totally new way.  Immersing yourself in new sensations and allowing yourself to conquer exciting new challenges.  This is the world of the Light Sport Aircraft Pilot and this is what you'll find at SkyStriders LIght Sport Aviation in a powered parachute!

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return.  (Leonardo da Vinci)  Truer words were never spoken, as every pilot can attest. And you can be one of them.  Skystriders Light Sport Aviation in Prosser will take you from the ground to the sky, there to stretch your own wings and fly with eagles. 

Fly Light!!!


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